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I'm currently living in Boise, Idaho. I've recently received a B.A. in Anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology and occasionally work in the field locally. I've completed most of an illustration degree as well, for what it's worth (about $30k if the people at Wells Fargo are to believed). I quit pursuing illustration when I realized that having a degree in it isn't as important as having a good portfolio, and that I could save time and money if I focused on that instead.

I've recently combine the two areas by illustrating archaeological publications. I’m currently doing work for the State Historic Society as an archaeological archivist and illustrator for an elementary school textbook. On the weekends I work for Idaho Black Bear Rehabilitation (IBBR) feeding and rehabbing local black bear cubs, and on weekdays as a night watchman for a local insurance company.

You can check out the IBBR website at http://www.bearrehab.org/

In the future I hope to stop working multiple jobs and be a writer/illustrator for the speculative fiction genre and work in local academic archaeology, digging in the dirt and writing publications on all things ancient and interesting.

Materials displayed on www.joshualhood.com and its extensions are Copyright Joshua L. Hood 2018 


Because I love everyone, here's a link to one of the stories from the upcoming collection "Old Growth." Read it online or download in pdf. "We, the Yellow Cowards of Section C" is a frontier horror about the virtue of cowardice and the threat of ancient evils. Enjoy, and don't feel shy about sending feedback!


Click here to read the story, "The Baying Hound," my recently shortlisted story for the Wells Festival of Literature Contest, posted here for your 2016 Halloween reading pleasure. 



The site has been down for over a year, but I'm back now. Took a new shift at work with more responsibilities, raising a 5 year old, bought a big new house, non-creative illustration contracts, let life just get busy in general. And, as my time occupied itself with these domestic things, I found that I had too many projects to remain manageable at the time, so I let some go and focused entirely on finishing a new novel that I knew would be the catalyst that finally gets this writing thing going. Now, on third draft, it has so far been received... poorly is probably too kind a word. I love it, naturally, but it seems not to be jiving with anyone else in the world. So while I let it sit for meditation and later review, I'm going back to old projects - long lost lovers. Radio scripts, wilderness horror, other abandon novel drafts. Time isn't any more abundant, but I plug away in the small moments.


Y'know who hates crowdfunding solicitations? Everybody, especially me.
So it's not lightly that I post them. However, the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Animated Series is going to be huge if we can just make it happen. Chilling Tales has a great record, and knows what they're doing. This ain't no fly-by-night whim that someone had. There may even be some very famous faces (rather, voices) guest staring. But we have to get it off the ground first. 
Sign in and help out. You won't regret it.


WALKING IN THE DARK, a new podcast from Chilling Entertainment has just been released featuring yours truly as the current writer of spooky, thought provoking horror stories that explore the nature of man in the face of the unknown. Check it out here!


In the spirit of the Halloween season I've posted a short story that's recently been shortlisted for the Wells Festival of Literature Short Story Contest for 2016. There's a lot to be said for being shortlisted - but most of it isn't very diplomatic. I've read the winning stories, however, and can't be mad that I didn't make the final cut. There's some good work there, so check it out if you get the chance. I'll just enjoy my familiar view from the runners-up lounge. It's nice to get the recognition in any case. The story is called, "The Baying Hound," and written just for lovers of Edgar Allan Poe. Click above to get some good ol' fashion chills.


New release! Weirdbook #32 is out, and it has in it's hallowed pages my short story "The Corpse and the Rat: A Story of Friendship." I can't ever remember having so much fun writing a story before. And now that I've read my entire copy of this Weirdbook, I can say that they're all worth the time to read. Check it out.


Good news everyone! "A Truck Stop Horror" will be making the rounds again in the form of the absurdly amazing production by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. This time it will air on their PodcastOne show. Chilling Tales: the Podcast. Tune in, listen, and be chilled!

I've also installed a comment box on the Contact Me page. I used to have one but it proved to be a technical pain in the ass. I'm giving it a second try since traffic is picking up and it's so important to stay in touch with people. The pesky demands of social networking and internet presence seem to be intent on drawing me into the 21st century kicking and screaming. There are also now (three hours after that last sentence was written) an explosion of "Like" buttons all over the website. If you're so inclined.


So I've been kicking around an idea for a blog. Every source I find on self-promotion says you should write a blog. I've got some great ideas writing and illustration, from the esoteric to the practical. It might be worth reading. Thing is, I hate blogs. They're an epidemic. Every half-cocked, attention seeking rube with nothing to say seems to be screaming into the ether trying to be heard. Unfortunately, it seems to be the way of things.
What'd'ya think?

Or maybe a well meaning publishing company who may just be checking out my site because of an awesome and promising manuscript I've just subbed could step in and throw out an offer. Y'know, any old *cough* Gollancz *cough* publishing company would do. If nothing else, it'd save the world from another blog.


I've added a new place for non-Josh content. There are a lot of great people doing good creative work out there and I'd like to help spread the word. The first addition is up now. Check out this short story by Mark Allan Gunnells of Crystal Lake Publishing. Tis the season...for terror!


Happy to announce the release of my new short story "The Swimming Hole" in the collection Play Things and Past Times released through KnightWatch Press. I also have two illustrations in the new collection by Verto Press titled Gothic Tales of Terror which are viewable in the Black and White image gallery. 


So much coming up. It's taboo to talk about contracts that are unfinished, but I'm happy to be able to say I've got 3 short stories slated for release by the end of this year and one illustration project with multiple interiors and a web image. My newest novel "The Tin Badge and the Devil" has been submitted to publishers, so now I just have to wait on that, and my new collection, "Old Growth: X Tales of Primal Horror" is nearing rough draft completion. Updates about that in Writing.
This is one of those funky times where there's nothing tangible to point to, but a lot happening off screen, which can be frustrating for creative folk, since patience isn't always our strong suit. Oh well, that just means that the best is yet to come. 


Once again, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights has produced an excellent reading of one of my stories. Can't say how grateful I am for the quality of their work. It's extremely gratifying to see someone put that kind of investment into your work. They really killed it with narration and even custom music by Jesse Cornett. Anyway, check it out. It's called "A Truck Stop Horror," and features some amazing voice talent.


Chilling Tales for Dark Nights has just released another of my short stories with excellent narration by Sarianna Gregg and killer production by Jesse Cornett. Check it out under the writing page to the left.


I've just wrapped up the first draft of my new novel "The Tin Badge and the Devil," which will soon be undergoing a full edit, and then the dreaded submission phase. I'm also finishing up the final story edits on a new collection called "Old Growth" which features stories of primal horror and adventure. I'm pretty excited about both of them, though I may be a little biased.

Also, here's a link to my newest short story "The Dancer of Al-Maghrib" published through BloodMoonRising.com. 


So many updates, so little time. Here's a link to another story of mine put out by Bete Noire Magazine. The story is titled "Puppet Corps," and is one I'm especially proud of. 

I'm also back to doing a bunch more illustration work. More on that as it comes around. Also, I'll be working on getting this website updated to a more dynamic and interesting look. So hold your breath for that. :p


Whelp, here it is. The anthology "Cadavers" from KnightWatch Press, which features my story "Return Trip" is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon.com! Check it out, there's a lot of good stories in there.

No updates on the DriftlandRadio project. I've gotten the opportunity to get a novel reviewed by a publisher and have shifted my attention to that. The radio show probably won't be under production again until next year. It sucks having more projects than time, but oh well, as long as the creation continues, all is well.


I've finally caught up to the times and have formatted my anthology "Melting People" for Kindle e-readers. It's set to be literally as cheap as I can set it at $2.99. Check it out if you're interested. 

Also, I've completed a preliminary website for my upcoming radio drama Driftland


Lots going on. The anthology including my short story "Return Trip" has a release date of the last quarter of this year. At about the same time I will have two more stories being released. The first is "Puppet Corps," a sci-fi horror to be published in Bete Noir in October, and "The Dancer of Al-Magrhib", a ghost story, will be in the January 2015 edition of Bloodmoon Rising

I'm currently working on my second novel, "Tin Badge and The Devil," which is a dark humor/horror story that I've been very pleased with thus far. Hopefully it will be ready to shop around by 2015, though that could always be delayed by...all sorts of things, really.

And finally, I've begun producing in earnest an old-time radio horror style show (think Twilight Zone on the radio) called "Driftland." This is by far the biggest project I've embarked upon, as it will require more organization and production than I'm used to, but promises to be a lot of fun. The goal is to produce a full 12 episode season before release on public radio, then on podcast with CDs and MP3s for sale. It, too, will be next year before it gets fully realized. I'm currently building the website for it, and will post it here in a week or so. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Good news this month! I've had three big scores in my publishing endeavors. 

First, Encounters Magazine has decided to use my image "Rickety-Clack" as cover art for their 10th issue. Encounters is an awesome free ezine with good quality sci-fi short fiction. Check it out for a good read.

Second, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, one of my favorite audio story websites, has produced one of my short stories "A Klondike Horror" into a theatrical reading. The narrator, David Cummings of the NoSleep Podcast did a great job. It's a lengthy story, good for a cold winter night. 

And finally, my short story "Return Trip" will be in the upcoming anthology titled "Cadavers." There's no release date on it yet, but my last update is that it has gone to the final stage before publication, so I'll stay updated on that. 

Anyhoo, that's what I got for this round. Back to the drawing table. See you soon!


I've recently been submitting several of my short stories to various publications in an attempt to get some professional publishing cred under my belt for my fiction work. I've stumbled across some really cool small press sites and want to share them as best I can to help support the up-and-comers in the industry. So here's a link to a cool small press for spooky stories. I'll post more as I find them.


And another.



Been very busy lately. I'm currently about to begin phase 2 of illustrations on Idaho's elementary school archaeology text book. It's a big project, but pretty fun so far. My work in archaeology has really sold the illustrations, or so I'm told.

I've also been given the great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an awesome website put together by some very creative people I know. Check out www.rumbleowl.com for the latest and greatest in alternative comics. I contributed a graphic adaptation of one of my short stories from MELTING PEOPLE, which I think turned out great.

I've also recently begun my second anthology, and concluded revisions on my first novel.

Finally, but most importantly, I've been busy with my newborn daughter, Aenea, who is currently slobbering on my shirt as she tries to sleep through this insufferable typing. Fatherhood kinda kicks ass.

Anyhoo, how's that for an update? I've got a few rogue illustrations laying around to upload yet as well. I'll get to it soon. See y''all around.


Well, it happened again! I've just received word that I came in as a finalist for the 2012 2nd quarter L. Ron Hubbard's Illustrators of the Future contest (here). I received the same placing back in 2005 when I last submitted. The contest (along with its literary counterpart) is an international event that's been run for several years. It's a pretty big deal in the world of illustration, and I'm honored to have made it to the finals. I'm currently kicking around the idea of entering again in the next quarter to try and take home the top prize. I've nearly made it both times I've entered, so maybe this next time will be my lucky shot! The three images that I submitted are here on the site. They're 'Rickety-Clack', 'Grim Harvest', and 'Better Left Buried'


Thanks for stopping by my site. This website is a small showcase of my creative works that I put together to display my work, and as a place to direct those who may be interested in illustration or other work. Take a look around and let me know what you think. 

I hope you like what you see. 

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