I've been writing for just shy of a billion years, but it wasn't until about 2008 that I decided to pursue it seriously. Since then I've had a small degree of success with short stories and am currently looking at some very promising prospects on some longer works. Primarily I write horror and sci-fi, though occasionally I'll stray into other genres as well. Below are links to the works currently available.


The Tin Badge and The Devil, is a horror/dark humor that is currently in the hands of the publishing gods as I sit with my fingers crossed. Here's the pitch:

"People just don't make deals like they used to. The devil blames secularism, but there's not much he can do about that. Instead, he's resorted to exploiting a loophole in his own contract that's nearly impossible to escape. And he's not just bartering in souls anymore. In his final deal there is much more at stake.

Steve has worked very hard at being an underachiever. A life long dedication to not getting noticed has left him working a night shift security gig in a nowhere part of town. It's calm, solitary, quiet – everything he's ever wanted.

One sodden night Steve begins noticing strange things lurking in the distant shadows, some even in plain view. Legs without a torso, twelve foot humanoid apparitions, a kid he could have sworn died years ago. As the horrors in the night proliferate, and become more threatening he realizes that he's in danger of being seriously hurt, killed, or – worst of all – getting noticed.

Fortunately, the devil arrives to in time to save Steve's life. Unfortunately, Steve now owes him a big one – and as we all know, the devil always collects.

Steve's quiet routine quickly evolves into a harried stumble through a minefield of uncertain choices as he tries to outsmart the devil and his unearthly cadre of followers. Armed only with a cursed revolver, his own slow wits, and a six-foot Styrofoam Jesus, Steve tries to escape the answer to a question that he doesn't even want to ask. What does the hot dog selling cannibal really want? Of course, when the devil is involved there's never a simple answer."


I've been eagerly anticipating the release of this new short story collection, but fortune has struck in another way and all of the previously unpublished stories I'd written for it have been co-opted for a new podcast called "Walking in the Dark," being produced by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.

The theme of the podcast is roughly similar to the collection I had planned, primal terror, but with the added twist of... well, you'll just have to listen and find out. 

The first episode is available to listen to here

Short Stories

The inspiration for my latest novel in progress, "Graveyard Wine" follows a nameless slave as he reluctantly decides to listen to the persistent voice in his head that demands he survive. The slave doesn't know anything about magic though. If he did, he would be more reluctant. Here, in this issue of Weirdbook.
The people at Simply Scary Podcast have enlisted the incomparable Otis Jiry to adapt my short story "Bust, Montana" into a terrifying audio story about an archaeological dig in a weird and isolated part of the wilderness, where memories and spirits remain untamed. Turn the lights down and listen HERE.
"The Corpse and the Rat: A Story of Friendship" is the story of two new friends who take a short journey down a gentle stream. It's about the dawning of a new age and the passing of an old. It's about the future we make for ourselves. It's about two lost souls finding... okay, maybe it's just about a giant rat riding a corpse like a raft. Either way, it's weird. And it's fun. Find out for yourself in this issue of Weirdbook.

"The Swimming Hole", a hallmark of childhood nostalgia holds a secret as dark as it's tragic past. Listen to Levi remember the day he watched a friend drown, and relive the days that followed, when something lonely and ancient awoke in the depths. Experience the terror and many other stories here

"A Truck Stop Horror" is the story of what happens when the worst part of our imagination gets the better of us. A group of people trapped in an isolated truck stop must deal with monsters, corpses, and each other as... wait, did that corpse just move? Hear it with a full cast and top notch production by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.

"Puppet Corps" is a science-fiction/horror story about the last man on a quiet battlefield. As he advances into a hostile city he's followed by an army of ghoulish puppets who follow his every whim, but will it be enough to confront the enemy? Check it out here in issue #17 Bete Noire Magazine!

"False Prophet" follows the exploits of a charlatan psychic who's developed a penchant for murder. Plagued by the ghost of her first victim, she's forced to kill again and again, solving her own murders with her "psychic powers." Will the stress of a public life of crime get to her, or will she fall victim to something more insidious long before that happens? Find out here, at ChillingTalesForDarkNights.com

In "The Dancer of Al-Maghrib" Musa meets a mysterious woman who dances a silent dance so beautiful that it makes him forget that her head is locked in a small, triangular box that hides a sinister secret. Read it free at BloodmoonRising.com!

"A Klondike Horror" follows Gore, a failed prospector, as he's pursued by a supernatural evil through the Alaskan wilderness. As Gore, protected only by a circle of native totems and his own wits, races with time to solve the mystery of the beast it becomes unclear who the real monster is. Read or listen to the audio narration, by David Cummings of the NoSleep podcast, through Chilling Tales for Dark Nights!

My first anthology publication "Return Trip" is a wry tale of a lowlife criminal who stoops to any level for a good score, even if it means robbing his own grandmother, at her funeral. Will a sudden attack of conscience put him on the right path, or will granny have to get involved? Find out in "Cadavers," published by KnightWatch Press.

I put writing and art together to adapt the short story "The Buggy Trundle" from my collection "Melting People" into a graphic comic about a children's carnival ride that suddenly realizes there's more to life. Here it is at RumbleOwl.com



Melting People is a collection of eleven short stories that I've written over the past several years. It's an independently published book that I decided to put out just for the sake of telling a few spooky, thought provoking and entertaining stories. If you like a good tale (or are just feeling particularly generous) feel free to click on the links above and order a copy.      


                                "Melting People" and affiliated work, Copyright Joshua L. Hood, 2018 

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